Outsourced Services

Outsourced services has become an acceptable face of modern business. Whilst a key driver is cost reduction, the success we have brought to these projects is in the facilitation of partnerships between our client and the supplier.

Many valve manufacturers and distributors have taken advantage of our engineering outsourcing contacts and extensive knowledge of valve manufacturing facilities in the Far East in re-sourcing products or components.

We provide a complete solution, not just a company search, which includes technical evaluation of the product and the certification provided, competitive evaluation, quality system checks and where necessary, technical and commercial negotiations on your behalf with the supplier.

Using this combination of commercial and technical skills provides our clients with an all-round package of product, price, commercial terms, packing and shipping.

This can be complemented by our ability to provide additional technical literature design, Installation, Operating and Maintenance Instructions (IOMs) and where appropriate managing the UK product approval process.

What we offer

  • Quality audits and assessment of existing quality status
  • Preparation of enquiries and quotation analysis
  • Negotiation of prices and payment terms on your behalf

  • Agreement of packaging, carriage and documentation details
  • Confidentiality Agreements
  • Obtaining technical data and assistance with catalogue preparation