Meet the Team

You can count on a range of varied skills within our team, from help with design concepts to marketing finished, fully approved product.

At Primotek, we have been helping to find solutions for clients in the HVAC and Water industry market sectors since 2005 but our experience with major manufacturers and suppliers goes back many, many years.

With great teamwork and a can-do attitude, we can help you realise strategic objectives faster whilst you concentrate on day to day issues.

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Alan Hall – Director

Director and co-founder of Primotek Associates Limited, Alan is your first contact for technical support, outsourcing and design.

Alan has held Technical and Development Director positions at Hattersley Newman Hender Ltd and Pegler Ltd for over 17 years in addition to a Technical Management position at Goodwin International Ltd.

His career in the valve industry started with J. Blakeborough & Sons Ltd with an engineering apprenticeship leading to the position of Chief Production Engineer before moving on to Hindle Cockburns (now part of Pentair) in various positions – Development Manager, Engineering Manager and Technical Sales Manager.

Alan set up and ran his own valve company in the 1980s developing specialist quick-acting steam valves and valves manufactured in solid epoxy resin.

Alan’s technical knowledge covers HVAC, Water, Process and Power Generation and his detailed understanding of valve manufacturing processes has enabled him to lead outsourcing initiatives in Europe, Asia and the Indian sub-continent.

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Steve Ridgway – Director

Director and co-founder of Primotek Associates Limited, Steve is your primary resource for approvals, market development support and recruitment.

He has been involved in the valve industry since 1977, initially with Oil, Petrochemical and Process valves but later at Hattersley Newman Hender with valves for General Industrial, Water and HVAC applications.

Steve has held a number of senior management positions which have included responsibility for worldwide export sales, having full budgetary control for the division, as well as for support to subsidiary sales organisations in the U.S.A and Canada.

He is experienced at the development of business plans for markets, products or market sectors as well as the recruitment and management of internal and external sales teams including agents and distributors.
He also has experience in the fire protection industry where he worked as Sales and Marketing Director and has a strong knowledge base of several industries and overseas markets.

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Bob Whalley – Associate

Bob was employed by Hattersley Newman Hender for 42 years providing technical support in various positions including: Quality Manager, Technical Manager and Product Manager for HVAC products and later for industrial products including lubricated and eccentric plug valves.

Since the acquisition of Hattersley Newman Hender Ltd he has been involved with valve applications including system-balancing valves including differential pressure control valves for use in variable volume systems for heating and chilled water.

He has also been involved with the application of temperature control valves on recirculating hot water systems to help prevent the growth of legionella.

Bob continues to be the key contact on the application and sizing of eccentric plug valves, including their use on air applications, in the waste water industry.

Data pages, flow charts are prepared by Bob for many of our clients (valve manufacturers and distributors).
Working as a technical writer, Bob creates Installation, Operating and Maintenance Instructions and Manuals plus other technical/marketing documents on plumbing products for many leading suppliers.

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